Hello, I’m Deepak Kumar Mandal. I'm a final year Undergraduate student of Computer Engineering at Greater Noida Institute & Technology, Greater Noida. My interests revolve around Machine Learning and its applications in Natural Language Processing. I envision to work at the intersection of the fields and leverage the techniques across fields. I love to code and I'm a passionate programmer.

I am skilled in Natural Language Processing, Digital Image Processing, Machine Learning, Java, Python, JavaScript and React. As an individual, I am enthusiastic, responsible, knowledge-hungry self-starter, eager to meet challenges and quickly assimilate the newest and latest technologies, skills, concepts, and ideas. I'm Graphics and Web Developer based on New Delhi. I have rich experience in Web site, Android App design & building and customization.


Programming Languages & Tools

I have confident command over these.
  • Programming: C, C++, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScipt, Jquery, Bootstrap, NodeJS, MongoDB, Express.js.
  • Interested in: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Digital Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Blockchain.


  • 7.2/10 CGPA 2016-20
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    Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology

    Greater Noida Institute Of Technology, Greater Noida

    1. Data Structures & Algorithms
    2. Advanced Data Structures & Algorithms
    3. Operating Systems
    4. Computer Networks
    5. Database Management Systems
    6. Computer Programming in C++
    7. Computer Programming in Java
    8. Artificial Intelligence
    9. Machine Learning
    10. Natural Language Processing
    11. Data Analytics and Visualization
    12. Image Processing
    13. Software Engineering
    14. Discrete Mathematics
    15. Theory of Computation
    16. Computer Architecture and Organization
    17. Embedded System Design
    18. Microprocessor based System Design
    19. Numerical Analysis
    20. Optimization Techniques
  • 65.60% 2013-14
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    12th Standard from BSEB

    H.B.J.College, Madhubani

  • 58.2% 2011-12
    some text

    10th Standard from BSEB

    High School, Jaingar

Work Experience

  • presentApril 2021

    Software developer

    some text

    SDE at Cloudcraftz solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • presentJanuary 2019

    Full Stack Developer

    some text

    Co-founder & Full Stack Developer at WebGoNow

  • March 2020Dec 2019

    Teaching Assistant

    some text

    Worked as a Teaching Assistant for the online batches of Career Camp (Full Stack Web Development with Node.js) of Coding Ninjas.

  • March 2020April 2019

    Campus Ambassador

    some text

    Promotion of Coding Ninjas in my campus, Conducting Coding Ninjas workshops and online hackathons for my campus